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Steam Canopy Treatment

Since ancient times, steam therapy has been used by traditional therapies as a way to improve and maintain good health and beauty including detoxification, increased circulation, stress relief and relief of muscle tension. We use a patented steam canopy to produce the same effects while allowing the client to lie comfortably on the massage table.

The steam canopy is similar to a tent and it is lowered onto the massage table to cover the body and create a full-body steam treatment. Your head is kept out of the canopy so it allows the body to steam while the head and face enjoy a cool facial stone massage. By not exposing the head to the steam, clients notice that they are able to breathe more freely, relax more fully and enjoy the steam longer than if they were in a traditional steam room. The temperature in the steam canopy is adjustable for the client's preference and a typical steam canopy treatment lasts between 20- 30minutes. Clients disrobe as they normally would for a massage and are modestly draped to expose the legs, arms and stomach while the chest (for women) and groin area are left covered. Once the canopy is lifted, the body dries almost instantly but you also have the option to shower afterwards if you desire. You'll also have the option of choosing one our specially designed house-made herbal aromatherapy blends to add to your steam.

The steam canopy treatment is not appropriate for some clients with heart problems, diabetes or those undergoing cancer treatment. Please contact us with any questions.


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