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With excellence, each session is uniquely
customized to meet your needs using multiple therapies...
Swedish,  Specific Deep Tissue,  Neuromuscular Techniques,  Sports,  Acupressure and Prenatal
30 minutes . . . . . $45
60 minutes . . . . . $75
90 minutes . . . . . $105
120 minutes . . . . $135

Hot Stone Massage
An ancient treatment using hot and cool stones made smooth by the waves of Lake Superior to create a state of deep relaxation and healing in the body. Long, slow strokes promote a sense of grounding and the heat softens and relieves tense, tired muscles.
60 minutes . . . . .$85
90 minutes . . . . .$115

Grateful Back
Your back is begging, give it what it deserves. This is 45-minute session provides focused work where you need it most. Deep tissue techniques combined with soothing strokes and heat will release your over-worked, over-stressed back, shoulders and neck.
45 minutes . . . . . $60
Extend it to a 75-minute full-body service . . . . . $90

Peppermint Pedissage
Using steaming towels and our "Peppermint Tootsie Balm" to massage the feet and calves, this is a treatment that truly has a "sole" focus. A wonderful treat on its own or the perfect beginning or ending to a full-body massage or facial.
30 minutes . . . . . $45

Add-on to another service . . . . . $35

The Crown Treatment
Your whole body will sing after this scalp, face and neck treatment. We begin with a neck and shoulder massage to help you relax and then continue with a warm oil scalp massage infused with essential oils. While your head is then wrapped to keep you cozy, a nourishing argan facial oil is massaged into the skin. A steaming towel finishes the treatment to leave you feeling refreshed. A treat on its own or a fantastic add-on to a full-body session.
30 minutes . . . . . $45
Add-on to another service . . . . . $35


Essential Decadence Facial
This treatment combines the classic European facial techniques of cleanse, exfoliation, steam, mask and moisturizer with extended massage of the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Your face will glow both from the careful attention to the needs of your skin and the relaxation of your entire body.
60 minutes . . . . . $75

Sensory Delight Facial
Our signature facial combines all the elements of the Essential Decadence facial with aromatic steaming towels, a hot stone facial and neck massage and finishes with the Peppermint Pedissage. Heated mitts and booties are the cherry on top, keeping you cozy while your skin gets the attention it deserves.
75 minutes . . . . . $90

Fundamental Facial
An abbreviated version of the Essential facial for people who want to add on a skin care service to their massage or body treatment. This can also be a mini-facial for teens to introduce them to important skin care concepts or incorporated as a back facial treatment.
30 minutes . . . . . $45
Add-on to another service . . . . . $35

The Blissful Body Treatment
Our most extravagant facial option for the person who doesn't want to limit themself. This treatment begins with our refreshing Fundamental Facial for the back and lengthy massage of the back and legs. After you turn over, you then enjoy our full Essential Facial along with extended massage time for the rest of the body. The Blissful Body Treatment is truly the best of both worlds, full body massage and skin care.
120 minutes . . . . . $145

Spa Treatments

The Ultimate Relaxer
Focusing on the areas most overlooked in a full-body massage, the feet, hands, head and shoulders, this treatment is a must for someone who wants to pamper themselves. With an herbal facial steam, aromatic steaming towels and luxurious massage, you will see why we call it the Ultimate Relaxer.
45 minutes . . . . . $65
Extend it to a 75-minute full-body service . . . . . $90

The Steam Canopy
This unique treatment is like enjoying a private steam room while never having to get up off the massage table. First, receive a dry brush exfoliation on your arms and legs to invigorate the skin and begin the detoxification process. Next your body will enjoy a therapeutic steam while your head and face are protected from the steam and kept comfortable with a cool stone facial massage and scalp massage. Perfect as an add-on to a massage or enjoy it as a service on its own.
Learn more about the Steam Canopy.
30 minute service.....$45
Add-on to a massage.....$35

Body Polish Indulgence

Choose from either of our seasonal scrubs made with freshly grown ingredients to increase circulation and smooth the skin. This body exfoliant is expertly incorporated into a full-body massage session customized for your particular needs. Your body is then treated to the warm steam therapy and deep relaxation of our Steam Canopy while your scalp and face receive extra attention.
Seasonal exfoliants are Citrus Grass Salt Scrub and Sweet Cream Shea Butter Scrub, unscented is also available
105 minutes . . . . . $130

Refreshen Wrap Massage

Your legs, arms and back are gently brushed with one of our seasonal body masks and you are then cocooned into a wrap while you stay cozy and warm with a delicious scalp and facial treatment. A quick rinse follows after which you are deeply relaxed and ready for your full-body massage carefully designed to meet your specific needs.
Seasonal masks are a nourishing Honey Body Glaze and a toning Cactus Mask
105 minutes . . . . . $130

Paradise Perhaps
Begin with our unique Steam Canopy treatment to soften the skin and let your mind relax. Our seasonally selected scrub smooths your legs, arms and back and is melted away with the application of warm compresses. A beautiful seasonal body masque complements the scrub and your body is wrapped and kept warm while your feet receive extra attention. You will then take a brief, private shower to prepare the body for an incredible full-body massage customized for your particular needs using our seasonally chosen hydrating massage product. You may glimpse heaven.
Featuring our seasonal exfoliants (Citrus Grass or Sweet Cream) along with either the Honey Body Glaze or Cactus Mask and finishing with the Strawberry Shea Butter or Clementine Oil Massage.
120 minutes . . . . . $155

Infrared Sauna

30-minute session in our Private Infrared Sauna Room . . . . . $35 ($25 as an add-on)

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Sculpting and Wax . . . . . $15
Upper Lip or Chin Wax . . . . . $10
Eyebrow and Upper Lip/Chin Wax . . . . . $20
Full Face (brows, upper lip, chin and cheeks) . . . . . $30

Nail Services

Our Express Nail Services (30 minutes) are designed to a be a quick clean-up of the nail and cuticle, with callus removal and polish. Our Spa Nail Services (60 minutes) incorporate the Express service along with a foot mask or forearm treatment, luxurious massage and extended callus removal if needed.

Express Pedicure (30 minutes) . . . . . $40
Spa Pedicure (60 minutes) . . . . . $55
Express Manicure (30 minutes) . . . . $28
Add Shellac Gel Polish . . . . . $10
Toenail Trim and file (20 minutes) . . . . . $25




Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST)

An ancient method of sound therapy which incorporates the use of Himalayansinging bowls placed on or near the body to promote deep relaxation and restore balance in the body. Everything has its own pulsing frequency. Sound healing therapeutically applies sound frequencies to the mind and body with the intention of restoring the body to its original state of balance, harmony and improved health.

30 minutes: For a quick tune up! . . . . . $45
60 minutes: Sensational sound treatment for deep relaxation. . . . . $75
90 minutes: Full-immersion sound treatment for the whole body. . . . . $105



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